French Pastry Designer iPhone Cases by PLIA Designs


With summer quickly approaching, it makes sense to highlight some of our favorite designer iPhone cases. Those of us glued to social feeds such as Instagram know how important it is to protect our beloved iPhone in a case that is both fashionable and protective. It doesn’t make sense to purchase a flimsy plastic case simply because it’s cute. One accidental drop and your new case and iPhone are cracked. Over the years, I’ve spent far too much money on so-called stylish cases that in the end do not properly protect my iPhone. It’s fine to be fashionable, but when it comes to our electronics, such as smartphones, they need protection. There are some people who don’t need an iPhone case, but unfortunately, I am not one of those.


Recently, I noticed a lot of of Instagram style stars with incredibly cute iPhone cases. Several of the cases are adorned with colorful French pastries. Being the macaron lover that I am, I had to investigate! With my sleuth hat firmly in place, I set out to track down these iPhone cases I’d been obsessing over. (More like with my fingers quickly typing into Google. Google is my Sherlock Holmes.) Throughout my search, I found other street-style stars and glossy magazine editors also using these iPhone cases. I’m not a selfie fan and even I would take quick snap simply to show off one of these adorable cases. Finally, I found the brand that made these must-have iPhone cases: PLIA Designs. For those not in the know, PLIA Designs is an women’s accessory brand. PLIA’s edited collection of satchels, clutches, and iPhone cases adorn the arms of many fashionistas.


I’m on a major time-out from shopping. For two months I haven’t purchased anything fashion or beauty related. The only time I allow myself to spend money are for groceries and daily necessities. It feels liberating and freeing not to be shackled by consumerism; however, I really love fashion! The first few weeks of my shopping ban were easy as nothing stood out to me as a must-have purchase. Then halfway into the third week, I began running low on a few of my favorite skincare products. Any skincare buff knows the importance of retinol and BHA’s to keep the lines at bay and pores clean. But replacing these products would have to wait. Now was the perfect time to use any other skincare products I had laying around. There was a scrub and mask I’d received for Christmas and never opened. Free products and no shopping solved! However, once PLIA Designs iPhone cases appeared on my style radar, the shopping ban suddenly came to a screeching halt.


PLIA Designs iPhone cases are irresistible enough to break a shopping ban. Late last Friday I logged onto their website and ordered each of the French pastry iPhone cases. The package arrived today and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve never seen iPhone cases like this before. Often, products photograph well, but end up lower quality when you finally see them in person. This is not the case with PLIA Designs designer iPhone cases. I have social media to thank for introducing me to the cutest French pastry iPhone cases. If you haven’t already done so you can check out all of the hype surrounding PLIA Designs here.